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Each box valued at +$75.00

SHAPED is your gorgeous, down-to-earth, fairy-god-fitness-coach delivered right to your door. Each box delivers the goodies, how-tos, and inspiration a woman needs to keep their mind, body & soul tight.

You don't have to put your self-care off any longer. 

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"Super excited to finally open my SHAPED subscription box. If you're looking for goodies on fitness for your mind, body and soul this is for you! I see the hard work and love you put into this."

Yohanna Batista


"Ladies, I present to you a collection of items thoughtfully curated to empower you, revitalize you and support you on your journey to wellness. Greatness is only achieved when we lean in and lean on another to deliver the best of ourselves. Each box is crafted with your true success in mind. It's love for your mind, body and soul (or kickassery, whatever you prefer to call it!)"

Christina Torres


"The wait is over! I've received my SHAPED subscription box and I love every single item. Happy to see the Flipping Awesome book as part of the surprise. I love seeing women working with each other. "

Tatiana Silva


Get into SHAPED today!

Feel the joy you create when mind, body, and soul are connected.

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What is SHAPED?

SHAPED is a thoughtfully curated collection of unique self-care items by heart-centered entrepreneurs, fitness experts, and wellness gurus with just one thing in mind...YOU! Each SHAPED box delivers the magic that happens when mind, body, and soul are connected. Every shipment gives you the opportunity to try self-care products, themes and techniques that you’ll love. You are encouraged to adapt what works for you. There’s nothing in the box you’ll hate, that we promise you, but true self-care is not one size fits all. Keep and stick to what you love. Pass and regift what doesn’t. Shhh…we won’t tell. Living a fit life you love is hard when you feel like you’re doing it alone. With SHAPED you don’t have to. In addition to the life-changing books, portable fitness gear, online trainings, and super cute, inspirational accessories you receive, you’ll be added to the group of likeminded, fabulous, women known as the VIP SHAPED community. Get the support, accountability, and encouragement from women who are juggling it all, just like you. SHAPED is uncomplicated, flexible, and fun self-care.

What is the value of each box?

Each box is priced at $39.99. However, the box is worth its weight in soul. Get it? Estimated retail value of each box is $75+ (subject to quantity of items).

Why is SHAPED shipped every 60 days? Why not monthly?

Self-love and the confidence to own it, is not achieved overnight or in 30 days, Honey! Studies show that on average, “it takes more than 2 months before a new habit becomes a sustainable routine — 66 days to be exact”. But who’s counting? SHAPED is! Here at SHAPED, we really want you to fall in love with the process and stick to your mind, body, and spiritual fitness goals. 60 days gives each product inside time to work its way, gracefully, or with a reminder, or ten, into your self-care routine. 

How long does it take from the time I order my SHAPED box until I receive my box?

The cut off for orders is the last day of the month, so if you order after the last day of the month you are subscribing for the following month and your box will ship the first week of the following month. Packages arrive to most US addresses within just a few days of shipping