We should all be in SHAPED and feel our best.

SHAPED with Kris is here to get you there!

Fitness for your mind, body & soul.

We aren’t here to talk about hypothetical fitness. Like, do 1, 2, & 3 and you’ll have the body of your dreams! 

You and I know that’s not how it goes.

Anything worth having takes work and I’m here to tell you that you’re going to work! But we are going to work together.

You will not be alone. You will have all of the tools you’ll need to not just create results in the program but sustain those results on your own.

I'm so ready!

SHAPED is all about the mind, body, and soul you’ll need to create the best version of yourself.

Hey, you deserve it. The support you were missing in the past is here in this program. 

Have you ever felt like

  • commitment to a program was just not realistic,
  • when you couldn’t or just didn’t put forth the effort -- it just couldn’t all be your fault?!

I mean you’re so amazing in so many aspects of your life so how could this be the one thing that you continuously keep failing?!

You start by going ALL OUT!

  1. You’ve got your goals set.
  2. Your new work out clothes are super cute.
  3. You’re stocked up on protein powder.

I mean you are ready to get it poppin’!

Then comes the burn out. Week 2 hits and you’ve already said to yourself “I’ll workout tomorrow.” What happened?

Could it be that you just didn’t have a program that was realistic for your lifestyle and your goals? 

You deserve better, Girlfriend! You deserve SHAPED!

You're sooo right!

So let me guess...

Just like I have,

  • you've bought programs
  • joined challenges
  • participated in group workouts
  • and specialized workouts like kickboxing and followed the trends at the time.

It started out hot and heavy -- then came the burn out or honestly you just get bored. 

But why? What happens to just about all of us that stops us from accomplishing our goals. We know what we want...or so we think we do, right?

Could it be the endless scrolling that leaves us believing that what you think you want to achieve is unachievable?

We scroll through pages of perfect bodies...most of who promote fitness like it was their God given gift but yet when you really dig into it you find out their doctor was the one with the God given gift.

Honestly, who cares?! Right?!

If someone wants to go get surgery...that's their right. I just wish they would do us all a favor and promote the doctor who did this makeover and not the squats with the 2 pound dumbbells. (Insert eye rolling emoji--ok venting over)

Does this sound familiar?

You're mentally exhausted from working all day and knowing that when you get home your work day isn’t over. It actually starts all over again. Your 2nd work shift starts when you get home with getting dinner on the table, kids bathed, homework done, a load in the laundry and thennn you’ll be able to work out...right?!

How about yea, right!

Or let’s talk about everything COVID style.

You’ve been working from home or just plain out of work so you have no time to yourself. Everyone is home. Everyone wants something from you and GOD forbid you take a moment for yourself. I mean seriously, who do you think you are?!

(Kidding! You totally deserve a break!)

So now you don’t know when you can catch a moment for yourself.

You’re thinking,

“If I go to the gym, who is going to watch these kids?”

“Do I really have to workout in a mask?”

“Ok, I”ll work out at home...but wait, I don’t have any workout equipment.”

STOP IT!!!! I Feel You Girlfriend but I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Do you know that we create more roadblocks in our mind than there are in real life? 

It's time to ditch the crap talk. Seriously!

That's it! I'm in!

All You Truly Want is,

  • To feel like Yourself again.
  • To feel great and confident.
  • Just fit back into those jeans.
  • Flatten out that tummy area...a six pack would be awesome but just making it smaller will do! (Lord fix it!!!)
  • You don’t want to have to stop eating every single thing you love or eat like a teeny bird to lose weight.
My LORD! Is that so much to ask?!!! 

Well, honey, you are in the right place!

SHAPED with Kris is here for you!

(Cue super hero music)


The days of struggling with what to do and how to do them are done!

In the program you’re going to have full access to exactly what you need to succeed this time!

And not just succeed for now...you’re going to learn how to master your emotions around eating, your physical activity and your peace.

Mind, body & soul.

By mastering these 3 aspects of yourself you’ll leave the program fully equipped to handle your progress going forward.

Let's do this!

What's included?

✅ 12 WEEKS OF LIVE GROUP SUPPORT: This is our community chat that you'll have access to 24/7. That community alone changes so much for so many women because it gives them the support so many need to keep pushing forward.

 WEEK BY WEEK INSTRUCTION: Each week you'll have a module of the entire workout for the week. No worries about having to come up with a routine. You have one for each day. Even for the days we don't meet! We meet live on zoom 3x per week.

 SHAPED COMMUNITY: SWK (Shaped with Kris) VIP Community! We are offering an exclusive community, currently accessible through What's App, for you ladies to share meal ideas, how you feel, motivate each other and just be able to talk to one another and myself throughout this next 12 weeks. New friends will be made!

 ACCOUNTABILITY: I'll be keeping in touch with you to ensure that you're making it do what it do baby! Meaning, i'll be there to make sure you're on track the entire way.

 MEAL PLAN & GUIDE: One of the hardest parts of getting in SHAPE-D is FOOD! No worries you'll know what to eat and when. 

 GROCERY & SNACK LISTS: Know what to buy and how to shop to ensure that you're sticking to your plan. This step helps you plan out what to prep for the week. 

 WEEKLY CHECK-IN'S: Every Saturday you'll share your update. How you're feeling? How many days you've worked out? Number of pounds lost (or gained...this can happen. Always remember that muscle weighs more than fat!) All of these check-in's will help me determine if there's something that needs to be adjusted for you. So you don't want to miss them!

 WORKOUT BONUSES like MOMMY & ME WORKOUTS: You'll learn how to include your little one in each and every exercise. If they won’t let you have time for yourself, then you’re going to make them work a little. It will be fun for them and a sweat session for you!


Are you ready to get SHAPED with Kris?!

By the end you’ll feel great and will have gained back the confidence to strut your stuff. You're a purposed Queen on a mission and this program is what you need to continue in your greatness.

This is for you if you...

  • Want to shed that Quarantine 15 and keep it off.
  • Want to have more energy and feel less depleted throughout the day.
  • Want to fit back into your favorite jeans, dress, bathing suit and stop the yo-yo of shifting weight.
  • Have a fitness and health routine without guessing.
  • You just want to feel great and confident and love who you see in the mirror again.

The program will be open for enrollment for a short period of time so that I can start serving YOU and all of the ladies who have enrolled. In the next 12 weeks you're going to experience an amazing transformation of your mind, body & soul. Let's take action NOW. Continuing to say "I'll do it tomorrow" when it comes to your goals means that it's just not going to get done. It's now or never and you know this. So get yourself started and I’ll see you inside the program.

You’re all you’ve got! No one will come do this for you.  Invest in feeling better for you and your entire family!

I got your back! 

Let's Do This!



Listen girl, I get it. But if you want to see change then something has to change! I promise you that it won’t just come to you.

We tend to overthink and second guess certain things especially when it comes with a $$ sign in front of it. But honestly, it's time to STOP playing games with your health. NOT just physically but mentally and spiritually, as well.

Especially during this time we need to be fully equipped to handle everything this world is tossing our way.

The best investment you'll ever make is in yourself.

Spring into SHAPE-D will allow you to shed those unwanted pounds, start thinking positively and get you back on the road to feeling your best and the best part is you won't be in it alone.

You've got a team waiting to have your back and keep you focused.

Take a leap of faith, and let's get things POPPIN!!!

I'll see you inside!

I'm READY to get SHAPED!