What's Inside?

Check out what's waiting for you in each SHAPED box!

Inspiring Books & Planners

The more positivity and self-awareness you bring into your thoughts the better you can handle what life throws at you. The more organized your thoughts are the more clarity you have to manifest things you want the most. Thoughts are "things" and what you focus on you attract.  Attract that business you’ve been wanting to start or the loving partner you’ve always desired. With our collection of inspiring books, journals, and planners there’s no limit to what you can attract and create.


Fitness Gadgets & Tips

Whether your goal is to tone, shed pounds, or keep your routine exciting, our fitness gear is here to support you 100%. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey. Each item meets you at your fitness level. Be your own fitspo! Not sure what to do with a fitness product you received? No problem. Check out our SHAPED YouTube channel for how-to’s and full workout routines.


Spiritual Growth

Having a hard time connecting to your inner voice? Feeling like your chakras are off a bit? You are in need of some soul and mind realignment. We all tend to hold on to beliefs or behaviors that just don’t serve our potential for happiness. You could be missing out on the blessings waiting for you, or better yet right in front of your face. Our reflection prompts, self-love tips, and spiritual items to recenter your heart and mind. 


Need more reasons to sign up?

We get it, staying fit is work, but being happy and healthy is sooo worth it. As a purpose driven woman you have a lot on your plate. Caring for your well-being is often the last thing on your list, if it's even on your list at all. Let’s face it, if it was up to you, you’d go full throttle -- 24/7. Truth is, if you don’t make the time for self-care, you probably won’t find time for it. 

Neglecting your self-care is not an option.  Self-care neglect can be harmful in all aspects of your life, not just your mind and body. Without you at your best, there’s no way you can give your family, your career, your relationships or your dreams your best. 

With SHAPED, you come first. SHAPED leaves all the distractions at the door and delivers sustainable self-love to your doorstep. No more excuses! SHAPED has all the goodies, tools, and accountability you’ll need to get your mind, body, and soul in the best shape to live your best life. SHAPED is uninterrupted fitness for your mind, body & soul.

If that’s not enough to get you excited about getting SHAPED, how about the chance to rock the products and support some of the most awesome female entrepreneurs, fitness experts, and spiritual guides out there. Your self-care is their true passion. They want nothing more than to help their sisters thrive. Support super talented women and treat yourself? What’s not to love?